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Echo Album 

An amazing album, beautifully recorded. I had the pleasure of being at the album launch in Peterborough Cathedral. Truly a mesmerising performance. I wish the ladies and this album much success.

Stunning album, I have listened to it many times, it is so relaxing to listen to 

I put Echo on in my car as i am driving, I love this album 

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The Vow Album 

From the very first time I heard the ladies sing during their blind audition on The Voice UK 2015 I've been mesmerised by their voices and their perfect unison. Their first album is absolutely brilliant, every song spot on. 'Nella Fantasia' which they sang for their blind audition is on the album, as it should be. I could listen forever to Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, so perfectly executed.

In the Living Years with Voice 2015 finalist Emmanuel Nwamadi is breathtakingly beautiful, the three voices so well matched together. In perfetta armonia is a wonderful song, but also a perfect song title, as Hannah and Naomi are two, yet one: in perfect harmony. There are only highs on this album, no songs that are less good than any of the others.

This is just the beginning of Hannah and Naomi's musical journey and I for one can't wait to hear more: A New Day Is Dawning.

This album brings back lovely memories of The Voice, I love the selection of songs, a perfect relaxing album